Introducing Neurolens


Have you heard of Neurolens?

FUN FACT: An average North American spends about 7-10 hours/day on digital devices, of which approximately 40-80% of individuals experience some Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) related symptoms.

Neurolens is a new technology involving lenses with specialized prism optics that significantly reduce DVS symptoms due to digital use. The lenses naturally correct eye misalignment. As a result, people experience the prevention of eye strain, headaches, neck tension, and shoulder tension when using Neurolenses.

“It’s been amazing. The pain that I used to feel in my neck has dissipated, and I can comfortably sit and read with my eyeglasses, which I couldn’t do before. I haven’t seen a chiropractor since then. I’m a true example that this does work.” Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon

Benefits of Neurolens

Neurolens technology involves specially contoured prism lenses and blue light filter options to address digital fatigue symptoms. Check out some of these benefits-

  • Reduces neck and shoulder tension
  • Prevents headaches and eye pain
  • Eases pain/strain from using digital screens
  • Reduces eye irritation
  • Suitable for people who do not require refractive lenses or for those with near or farsightedness

You Might Be a Neurolens Candidate if

  • You experience any Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) related symptoms, including headaches, neck pain, tired eyes, dizziness, motion sickness, or light sensitivity
  • You have a traumatic brain injury
  • You have had laser surgery
  • You are a young adult with myopia (near-sightedness)

NOT-SO-FUN FACT: Only one in ten people with symptoms of Digital Vision Syndrome tell their eye doctor

Our Valley Vision Optometry doctors and staff have undergone specific training to be one of a few optometric practices that offer them in British Columbia. We use the Neurolens Measurement Device to provide an objective, efficient, friendly, accurate, precise, and simple way to measure eye alignment to determine if Neurolens is a good solution for you.

Want to find out if Neurolens can help with the symptoms you’ve been putting up with? Please schedule an appointment today online or by calling our office at 250-724-0933.

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