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With over 50 years of experience, Valley Vision Optometry is Port Alberni’s only independent optometry practice and has been a local staple since 1960! We serve people of all ages and conditions. We provide the most modern, compassionate, and thorough care from prevention to custom solutions through ongoing training for both of our doctors and support team.


Monday - Tuesday: 8AM - 4PM
Wednesday: 10AM - 4PM
Thursday - Friday: 8AM - 4PM
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

“Very courteous, friendly and helpful staff. I am very pleased with the quality of the glasses that I purchased from Valley Vision. I would recommend Valley Vision as a place to purchase quality eyewear.” -Douglas¬†
Dr. Shaun Golemba
Eye doctor

What Makes Valley Vision Optometry Your Ultimate Choice for Optical Treatments?

Shaun Golemba purchased Valley Vision Optometry in 2005. He is committed to providing high-quality eye care to the Port Alberno community. To enhance your vision and well-being, he provides unmatched attention to detail and personalized care. Visit our clinic and see what a dedicated eye care team can do!

  • Expertise: Awarded 2019 Optometrist of the Year by the BC Doctors of Optometry, Dr. Shaun Golemba owns Valley Vision Optometry.
  • Technology-Backed Solutions: By providing our patients with ultra-modern, cutting-edge optometric treatments, we are always ahead of the technological curve.
  • Compassion:We treat our patients with the utmost respect and offer maximum care.
  • Experience:Treating patients since 1960, our semicentennial experience has given us the ability to treat all sorts of ocular diseases.
  • Guaranteed Results:We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on our eyewear.

BeyondSight Assessment

The BeyondSight Assessment is designed to evaluate and diagnose any eye conditions proactively. We develop your vision treatment plan based on the results of your comprehensive eye exam.

You can trust us to find the best solutions for your eye care needs, no matter how complex they are.

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