Low Vision

Macular degeneration or low vision is the common condition that we help with. Dr. Golemba works with the parts of the visual system that are still functional to match a pair of glasses or other device that enable you to do things like read, drive or watch tv again.

low vision

Low Vision: What is It?

Valley Vision Optometry defines macular degeneration as that which prevents someone from doing the things that they want to do.

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Do You Want To...
Los Vision

How We Can Help

Dr. Golemba is a member of the International Academy of Low Specialists Vision, a training program developed by Richard Shuldiner, OD, and William Feinbloom, OD.

At Valley Vision Optometry, we serve patients from all over Canada who want to regain their ability to enjoy the activities they love. You may have impaired vision if you are having difficulty reading, viewing scenery, or even watching television. The best course of action in such a situation is to seek professional assistance.

Dr. Golemba offers a complimentary telephone consultation to determine if he can help. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience by clicking the link below.

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