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Privacy Policy

Sharing information with others

We obtain your written or verbal consent before sharing your personal information, and do not sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone without your consent (except where required to do so by law or to meet credit reporting requirements). Privacy legislation provides specific instances in which we are able or required to collect or report information without your consent – such as during fraud investigations or in response to orders from legal authorities.

There are also instances where we need to share your information with our business partners (such as lens labs) in order to provide you with the services or products you have requested, or with insurance firms or government agencies that are providing reimbursement for services. In such cases, we only share the information that is required for the transaction.

If you have vision concerns that would benefit from the involvement of other medical professionals, your Doctor may share your personal information with those professionals in order to provide you with the best diagnosis, treatment, and service.

Within our office, we may use your contact information from time to time in order to let you know about products or services that you might be interested in – through phone calls, a newsletter, or other means. We do this to help you find the best possible vision care, and you may have your name removed from communication lists on request.

Your financial information

Depending on the method of payment you are using, we may collect your name, address, credit or debit account numbers, and other information necessary to complete your transaction. We protect this information in the same manner as your other personal information, and do not share it with any parties other than those financial institutions involved in processing your payment.

Viewing your information

On request, you may see the personal, health and financial information that we have on your file(s). If your files contain information from other parties on your file, we cannot disclose that information to you for legal and business reasons – that information is legally the property of the person(s) or company that provided it.

Please contact us if you wish to view your file information. It may take up to ten working days for us to gather this information for your review.

Privacy laws and regulations

Canada’s privacy legislation regulates organizations that collect, use, or disclose personal information in the course of commercial activity.

The need for privacy protection

In today’s world of electronic information, we all want to ensure that our personal and financial information is secure. We also want to know that our information is only being used in appropriate ways.

Our Doctors and staff share your commitment to preserving your privacy.

Information you share with us

We take pride in helping you meet your needs through a full range of vision products and services. In obtaining our services, you share information with us about who you are, where you live and work, and aspects of your lifestyle. The information that we require about you will vary depending on the type of product or service you are requesting.

We obtain this information from you directly. With your consent, we may also obtain information from other medical professionals, financial institutions or other sources you may have given us. Please refer to each individual office’s Privacy Policy for further information.

How we help protect your privacy

Our essential commitment to you is that we will only use your personal information as required to provide you with excellent vision care services and products, and we will respect your privacy choices.

We do a number of things to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information. These steps include:

  • keeping our offices, file storage, and desks secure
  • limiting access to information to staff and consultants who require it
  • investigating suspected security problems, and
  • using reasonable security measures such as passwords and encryption for electronic information.

For further information, you may contact the Privacy Officer.

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We are currently offering in-office care by appointment only.



The following is a summary of the steps we have taken to protect your safety.

Physical Distancing Measures:

o Reducing density of people: We have adopted a schedule which will reduce the amount of patients in our facility at one time.

o We will have some of our team working from home operating a call centre and tele-medicine pre-screening.

o Spacing stickers have been placed on our floor.

Engineering controls:

o Forms have been digitized and will be emailed to patients in advance of the appointment to minimize contact.

o A “For Payment" button has been installed on our website, for patients to be able to pay from home to minimize contact.

o Plexiglass barriers have been installed at all 3 Front Desk stations

o Our doors will remain locked during Phase 2, opening the door to let in scheduled patients only.

o A dropbox has been installed for patients to drop off glasses in need of repair.

o Contact lens sales are administered through our webstore.

Administrative controls:

o Cleaning protocols have been written. Staff training on these protocols has been scheduled.

o Clear rules are posted on our front door and throughout all of the stations in our office.

Personal protective equipment:

o Patients will be required to wear a mask upon entry to the office and throughout their time with us. Those who do not have a mask will be supplied a surgical mask upon entry.

Policies around sickness:

o Employees and patients with cold or flu symptoms will be required to stay home.

Frequent hand washing:

o Patients, Doctors, and our Team will be required to wash hands upon entry and exit in to the exam rooms.

o Eyewear Consultants will wear gloves when handling eyewear and performing adjustments.

We currently are operating a reduced schedule, so are triaging patients to ensure those with the highest needs are prioritized.


Dr. Shaun Golemba

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We are open by appointment only. Our current hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Read about our safety protocols here.