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Low Vision Vision Therapy

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Director of First Impressions/Vision Therapist (in training)

Jaimey is our Director of First Impressions and Vision Therapist in Training. Jaimey loves the amount of shared knowledge and unity among the Valley Vision Optometry team. Vision Therapy immediately caught Jaimey's attention and passion upon her initial training and she is eager to help enhance lives by maximizing and preserving vision for everyone. In addition, as Director of First Impressions, Jaimey is responsible for instilling Valley Vision Optometry's mission, vision, and values before customers even walk through the door.

Valley Vision Optometry has become an excellent opportunity for Jaimey to work and contribute within her local community. Her passions are learning, teaching, and working with people. As an outgoing, organized, goof-ball, Jaimey believes that every person has a story and deserves a voice.

Jaimey was born in 100 Mile BC, but was raised in Port Alberni where she currently lives. She enjoys the simplicity and beauty of the island and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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