Vision Therapist

Hannah started out as a patient of VVO and had a diploma in sport and exercise science. As a Vision Therapist, she works with children and adults to re-map how their brains and eyes work together. Hannah says that the most inspiring part of her job is seeing a person with a difficult situation, watching them put in the work to overcome the struggle, and feeling so much better once its completed and they are back succeeding. “Watching their growth is inspiring, seeing their happiness is inspiring!”

Hannah was born and raised in Essex, England. She was an athlete and used to play professional soccer in England and became a PE teacher. She moved to Canada, has 3 children and a fiancé, and loves doing what she gets to do at VVO. She enjoys any Brene Brown podcast and the best advice that she has been given is “Do what makes YOU happy.”


Other Team Members

Every single one of our team is devoted to giving you the best experience. Everyone undergoes advanced training.


Vision Care Coordinator


Vision Care Coordinator


Licensed Optician

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