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Glaucoma Is The Second Leading Cause of Blindness

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that affect the optical nerve which leads to vision loss. While Glaucoma is associated with aging, it is important to remember that Glaucoma can effect anyone at any age.

Glaucoma is generally very slow to progress and therefore many people will only realize they have the disease once a significant amount of vision loss has occurred. Researchers estimate that 50% of people with Glaucoma are unaware that they have the disease.

If a close family member had Glaucoma you may be at a 1000% increase in risk and should visit your optometrist for regular eye exams. Estimates are that 3.3 million Americans will have Glaucoma in the year 2020.

The primary reason for Glaucoma leading to blindness is patients not following the directions of their eye doctor in slowing down the progression.

Glaucoma Treatment

The primary method of treatment for Glaucoma is to manage the disease and prevent vision loss. In most cases either eye drops or pills will be prescribed which lower the pressure in your eye. In some cases where medication will not provide the needed slow down of progression, your eye doctor may recommend surgery.

Because Glaucoma is often not detected before significant irreversible damage has occurred, the best prevention is regular eye exams. For people aged 40-55 an eye exam should be done every 1-3 years (more often if you have any other risk factors), 55-64 an eye exam should be done every 1-2 years, and for people 65 and over every 6-12 months.

Research has shown that exercise is effective at lowering the risk profile for Glaucoma.

Why should you choose Dr. Golemba for your Low Vision evaluation and care?

Dr. Golemba is the only member of the International Academy Of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) in BC and interned in retina and glaucoma.

Our low vision team is at the cutting edge of advanced diagnostic technology for Macular Degeneration, Stargardt's, Diabetes, Glaucoma and many other ocular diseases. Our experienced team will help you find the best low vision aids, telescope glasses and more to help you regain your independence. 

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Dr. Golemba, Member of IALVS

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