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Our Vision Therapy Graduates

Sage Improves Reading & Sports

Sage graduates vision therapy

Results of Vision Therapy:

At times it was hard getting to therapy sessions because we lived two hours away from Port Alberni, but it was well worth it. Sage has noticed better reading and comprehension skills once the therapy was over. He plays many sports and has noticed a huge improvement in them since vision therapy, even his batting average went up 100%.

Sharanne and Dr. Golemba helped him understand what was happening with his eyes, and between the two of them and all the hard work, they were able to get his eyes to work together 75% of the time. When they are not working together, Sage can now identify it and do exercises to get them both to focus again.

Alex Now Reads Books!

Our vision therapy graduate Alex

Before Vision Therapy:

After trying Reading Eggs, Fast Forward, and Phonics, we were at a loss to why Alex couldn’t read. He “passed” the programs and understood Phonics – but put a book in front of him and he couldn’t read it. He often broke out in tears at the thought of reading.

After Vision Therapy:

It was amazing to see him change as he did Vision Therapy. He started to read signs as we drove around, labels at the dinner table and even started reading books! Now a year later he is reading more and more and constantly improving catching up with his peers!

Lily Is On Her Fourth Book & Loves It!

Lily's mom and dad are so proud that she graduated vision therapy

Results of Vision Therapy:

Lily’s Dad:

Lillian has come a long way in a short time. From not wanting to read and finding all sorts of excuses, to having to ask her to get her nose out of the book and go to bed. Her headaches have also gone away, and she has read more novels in the last year than I have in twenty. She has inspired me to pick up a book and read myself.

Lily’s Mom:

As a parent I can’t describe how heartbreaking it is to watch your child struggle. We have tried having private tutors, summer school, and special Irlen filtered lenses without much success. We have gone to Doctors, Naturopaths and other various specialists and have finally seen some promising results with Vision Therapy. Lily actually enjoys reading and has almost completed her fourth chapter book. We have been given many exercises and skills to help her to read. Vision Therapy has been a worthwhile commitment and I feel truly blessed that we have found a resource that has been successful.


I was never good at reading. Then Sharanne gave me some different exercises and my eyes stopped hurting and moving the letters. Now I have finished 3 books all on my own. When before I only finished 1, and now I am on my 4th book and I love it! I am glad I can read easier now but I will miss everyone at Vision Therapy.

Nolan Has Seen Amazing Improvements In Reading, Handwriting & Concentration

Nolan is one of most recent vision therapy graduates

Before Vision Therapy:

Nolan experienced a lot of migraines. He was not able to concentrate while doing school work. His handwriting was bad and was not able to read in a straight line because his eyes would jump around. He was also unable to visualize things in his head.

After Vision Therapy:

He now has little to no migraines. He can concentrate for longer periods of time and his handwriting is better than his printing. His reading has also improved and is able to focus more. His visualization is better by 65%, and his typing skills have improved as well.

India Finds Reading Much Easier Now

India graduates vision therapy on vancouver island

Before Vision Therapy:

India’s Mom:

India didn’t actually show many signs of trouble as she had normalized things such as floating letters.


I had trouble reading and would have to go back and re-read over and over. I also had trouble with letters turning upside down when reading. It was also difficult to keep my eyes focused on the balance beam in gymnastics.

After Vision Therapy:

India’s Mom:

Reading and all school-related work got easier. Her overall co-ordination has improved in ball sports and gymnastics.


Reading is much easier and faster. It was easier to see the board at school and focus on the work. Gymnastics and dance also got easier.

Rylan Is Now Reading Faster

our vision therapy graduate Ryan

Before Vision Therapy:

Rylan was a very slow reader, sounding out almost every word. His printing could barely be read, and it was on a downhill slant. He would often mix up quite a few letters and sounds, such as “b’s” and “d’s”, “sh’s” and “th’s”. He didn’t like to read because it was such a struggle.

After Vision Therapy:

He is now reading faster. His printing is also more legible and written straight on the paper. He still mixes up his letters and sounds, but it is less and less often. He will now actually pick up a book on his own and read it at bedtime. Near the end of therapy, Rylan said to me that he feels his reading had improved and that he could read faster. That was a big success in my eyes.

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