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When enrolling a patient in Vision Therapy, we identify unmet needs and expectations to meet at the end of each curriculum.  We employe the COVD Lifestyle Checklist to establish a baseline symptoms score.  We expect a 30% - 70% reduction in this symptoms score by the end of the curriculum.

Factors that contribute to favourable results include:

  • regular attendance
  • completing in-office activities
  • completing home therapy activities 5 days / week

Factors that may hinder progress include:

  • autism
  • ADD / ADHD
  • low iQ
  • Down Syndrome
  • poor nutrition
  • specific language impairment
  • central auditory processing disorders

Below are links to our curricula, the conditions they are used to help, our expectations, as well as links to related studies:

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We are currently offering in-office care by appointment only.



The following is a summary of the steps we have taken to protect your safety.

Physical Distancing Measures:

o Reducing density of people: We have adopted a schedule which will reduce the amount of patients in our facility at one time.

o We will have some of our team working from home operating a call centre and tele-medicine pre-screening.

o Spacing stickers have been placed on our floor.

Engineering controls:

o Forms have been digitized and will be emailed to patients in advance of the appointment to minimize contact.

o A “For Payment" button has been installed on our website, for patients to be able to pay from home to minimize contact.

o Plexiglass barriers have been installed at all 3 Front Desk stations

o Our doors will remain locked during Phase 2, opening the door to let in scheduled patients only.

o A dropbox has been installed for patients to drop off glasses in need of repair.

o Contact lens sales are administered through our webstore.

Administrative controls:

o Cleaning protocols have been written. Staff training on these protocols has been scheduled.

o Clear rules are posted on our front door and throughout all of the stations in our office.

Personal protective equipment:

o Patients will be required to wear a mask upon entry to the office and throughout their time with us. Those who do not have a mask will be supplied a surgical mask upon entry.

Policies around sickness:

o Employees and patients with cold or flu symptoms will be required to stay home.

Frequent hand washing:

o Patients, Doctors, and our Team will be required to wash hands upon entry and exit in to the exam rooms.

o Eyewear Consultants will wear gloves when handling eyewear and performing adjustments.

We currently are operating a reduced schedule, so are triaging patients to ensure those with the highest needs are prioritized.


Dr. Shaun Golemba

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As of May 19th, we have re-opened by appointment only. Our current hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Read about our safety protocols here.