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What Conditions can Vision Therapy Treat?

Vision Therapy is a behavioral approach to correcting various eye problems that affect one’s ability to receive and process visual information. A person may have “perfect” vision while reading an eye chart, pass a vision screening by reading 20/20, and still have developmental vision problems. The areas most often affected are focusing, eye teaming, eye movements and visual processing.

Vision Therapy in Port Alberni, BC is an individualized treatment program designed to improve and sometimes eliminate conditions such as lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), focusing insufficiency and excess, ocular muscle dysfunction, and learning-related vision disorders. Specialized lenses, filters, prisms and instruments are used in a training program, which is customized for each patient. Vision Therapy is a sub-specialty of Optometry and only 5-10% of optometrists provide Vision Therapy.

  • Amblyopia or “lazy eye” is a neuro-developmental vision condition that begins in early childhood.
  • Strabismus is the condition that results when the eyes do not point to the same place in space.
  • With the increased popularity of 3D movies, several people with poor binocularity (the ability to use the eyes together in a coordinated manner) are being identified. People with poor binocularity report feelings of eye strain and are unable to get the same feeling of depth those with normal binocularity get at 3D movies. Valley Vision Optometry has invested in a 3D projector and related software to train people how to see in 3D.