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Household Tips for Low Vision Patients

Household Tips for Low Vision Patients

People with low vision have a diminished ability to engage in their daily tasks, whether around the house or elsewhere. At Low Vision Center At Valley Vision Optometry, it is our mission to ensure that those with Low Vision remain independent and do the things they love and enjoy. We are driven to improve your remaining vision with custom vision aids and devices.

Call us today and speak with Dr. Shaun Golemba regarding how to live your best life with Low Vision.

In the meanwhile, below are a few helpful household tips:

old woman in the kitchenLow Vision Tips for the Kitchen

  1. When pouring dark liquids (such as coffee) from a container into a cup, pour the dark liquid into a light-colored cup. Light-colored cups should be placed on a dark-colored placement or tray.
  2. When pouring light-colored liquids (such as milk) from a container into a cup, pour the light-colored liquid into a dark-colored cup. Dark-colored cups should be placed on a light-colored placement or tray.
  3. Use a dark cutting board for light-colored foods, and a light-colored cutting board for dark food.
  4. Use brightly contrasting colored paint or tape on the handles of kitchen equipment and utensils.
  5. Stove and oven dials should be marked with bright, contrasting tape. Mark the oven dial at the temperature most frequently used, or use several contrasting colors for different temperatures.
  6. Tape over the knobs for the back burners of your stove so that they cannot be turned on. This will prevent accidents from occurring due to reaching over a flame or touching a heated burner in front.
  7. It can be easier to learn to cook by time, rather than visually checking the state of the items being cooked.
  8. Write recipes on 5” x 8” index cards in large print with a black felt tip pen and color-code the cards. For example, have one color for meat dishes, another for poultry, and a third for desserts.

Tips for Eating

  1. If using light dishes, place them on a dark tablecloth or placemat. Likewise, dark dishes need a light contrasting tablecloth or placemat. To reduce visual confusion, avoid tablecloths or placemats with a pattern.
  2. Proper lighting will make it easier for you to see the food on your plate. Place a table lamp with a bright light bulb (at least 75W) in a position to illuminate your plate.

Low Vision Tips for Recreational Activities

  1. When doing needlepoint or hook rugs, place a dark cloth below the canvas.
  2. When sorting two yarns or threads with slight differences in color, compare each strand to a “bunch” of that color.
  3. Use bright light, shining directly on your work when reading or sewing, and make sure to use a desk lamp, not a floor lamp.

Additional Advice

  1. In the bathroom, use magnifying mirrors to help with shaving and makeup. A towel on the wall opposite the bathroom mirror, hung at the appropriate height, can be used to provide a contrasting background for your head and hair. If you have light hair, use a dark towel. For dark hair, use a light towel.
  2. Choose clear plastic shower curtains (which can include a design), as they allow more light to be transmitted into the shower than solid colors.
  3. Use brightly colored vinyl or cloth tape to provide color contrast when locating household items such as the thermostat, electrical outlets, light switches, or drawstrings on draperies.
  4. For stairs inside and outside of your home, mark the edges of the steps with contrasting colors.
  5. When watching television, sit as close to the screen as needed for you to see the images. Note that patients who are visually impaired will not hurt their eyes by sitting close to the screen.

Do you suffer from low vision? Dr. Shaun Golemba can help you regain your vision and hope.

Low Vision Center At Valley Vision Optometry is the preferred provider of low vision aids for patients from Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Kootenay’s, and throughout British Columbia.

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Physical Distancing Measures:

o Reducing density of people: We have adopted a schedule which will reduce the amount of patients in our facility at one time.

o We will have some of our team working from home operating a call centre and tele-medicine pre-screening.

o Spacing stickers have been placed on our floor.

Engineering controls:

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Policies around sickness:

o Employees and patients with cold or flu symptoms will be required to stay home.

Frequent hand washing:

o Patients, Doctors, and our Team will be required to wash hands upon entry and exit in to the exam rooms.

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We currently are operating a reduced schedule, so are triaging patients to ensure those with the highest needs are prioritized.


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