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High Fashion Frames and Glasses


Eye Glasses on Vancouver Island have become not only an item of function, but also an item of fashion.  With our award winning Eyewear Gallery, the improved lighting from skylights, windows, and LED torches allow for a much improved experience when selecting frames.  The Optikam allows us to simultaneously view four images of you wearing frames to help you decide which ones you like best.  These images can quickly be emailed or posted to Facebook to get outside opinions as well. 

Valley Vision Optometry also hosts a Sunglass Cove, Canada’s exclusive Doctors owned sunglass boutiques (www.sunglasscove.ca).  Sunglass Cove has established itself as they place to get Sunglasses on Vancouver Island.  The following highlights some of our feature brands:

Gold & Wood

In 2012, we added a luxury, hand-made line from Luxembourg: Gold & Wood. These are custom fit pieces with temples made of either wood or horn. 22 carat gold is used and some models are available with inset diamonds.  Valley Vision Optometry is one of two locations to carry these high fashion frames on Vancouver Island.  In addition to eyewear, Gold & Wood creates Sunwear.  Tom Cruise sported the H24 model in Mission Impossible 4.


Sophistication and style come to mind when exploring the Gucci eyewear line. We would expect nothing less as Gucci itself is world-renowned for its impeccable Italian craftsmanship and its unique blend of luxury heritage and fashion authority.  Established in Florence in 1921, its iconic ‘Made in Italy’ style has become synonymous with elegance and desirability.

Emilio Pucci

A sophisticated fusion of Mediterranean inspired colours, fashion forward designs, innovation, luxury in every detail, femininity, and glamour.  The creative vision of Emilio Pucci finds its way to the world of eyewear, a natural extension of the versatility and multifaceted genius that has always characterized the legendary Italian mason.

Native Legend by Distinctive Eyewear

This specialty line of eyewear showcases ten animal figures created by artist Joseph T. Calder.

This renowned aboriginal artist is known for his unique ability to portray traditional legends through his art.  Mr.Calder enhances these frames with his amazing creativity and lends his fifty plus years of experience to the Distinctive Eyewear team.  With the Island’s strong First Nations Culture, these are highly sought after Eye Glasses on Vancouver Island.


This brand is from Scandinavian Eyewear in Sweden.  A family operation since 1948, Scandinavian Eyewear has a long history that few eyewear brands can compare to – solid, genuine, and rich in tradition.  Not only is Skaga eyewear created with real craftsmanship, but the designers are also visionary, aware and innovative.  Skaga’s basic collection is broad and classic in both fit and style.  With new releases every 3 months, the brand is constantly updated with concept collections with a slightly sharper style, designed to appeal to people who want to create a bit more attitude and add extra emphasis to their personality.


Monroe Levoy founded this well established brand in New York City.  Tura believes that eyewear is just one part of a bigger wardrobe.  They encourage owning a wardrobe of glasses to match colour schemes in clothing. Tura used to sell matching jewelry and  frame sets for women, and also matching cuff links and frame sets for men.  In the 1940's, Monroe designed and introduced a double tiara on a lightweight metal frame that held hair in place. The name "Tura" was derived from the company product called the "Futura Mirror".  In 2012, Valley Vision Optometry began displaying Tura’s sunwear line.  These are some of the most sophisticated Sunglasses on Vancouver Island.