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Our Services

  • Low Vision services are provided in our office. 
  • Dr. Golemba is able diagnose glaucoma and initiate treatment.  Patients with moderate and advanced glaucoma are co-managed with an Ophthalmologist.  We have invested in an instrument called iCare tonometry to screen for high eye pressure (rather than the "Puff" instrument), a Humphrey Visual Fieds Analyzer (instrument that measures the function of the retina and optic nerve), Multi-spectral Imaging (an instrument that allows for 3D measurement of the optic nerve), and Ocular Coherence Tomography with Retinal Nerve Fibre Analysis and Ganglion Cell Complex Analysis (programs that allow for early detection of glaucoma).
  • Vision Therapy is a series of activities designed to give patients necessary and meaningful experiences to improve vision.
  • Valley Vision Optometry performs retinal scans using the P200 from Optos on all patients aged five and over.
  • An OCT exam provides:
    • A scan to confirm a healthy eye or to detect the presence of disease
    • An overview scan of the key areas of the retina giving your Doctor a more detailed view than he / she can achieve by other means
    • The ability to compare your results to a large database of normal eyes to detect any potential early concerns
    • A permanent record for your medical file enabling your Doctor to make important comparisons over time