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Low Vision Vision Therapy

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Case Study: IQ

  1. Type
    1. Occulomotor
  2. History:
    1. Entering complaint: referred by Primary Care OD for EOM dysfunction.
    2. Signs and symptoms: Mother noted during gymnastics, IQ struggles with the balance beam – she tends to move her entire head.
    3. History: 7 year old white female. Born at 32 weeks – twin. Activities include gymnastics and dance. Loves to read, does well in school. FVSC: 19.
  3. Diagnostic Data
    1. Visual Acuity @ Distance: 20/25-2 OD, 20/20-3 OS; @ Near: 0.5m OD, 0.5m OS
    2. King-Devick: p<0.5% level
    3. Ocular Motility: head movement; poor horizontal and vertical pursuits
    4. Refractive status: emmetropia
    5. Analytical: suppresses right eye at distance
    6. Accommodative facility: 3 cycles/minute
    7. COVD Lifestyle checklist: 55 (higher number indicates more challenges)
  4. Diagnoses
    1. Accommodative infacility
    2. Occulomotor dysfunction
  5. Prognosis:
    1. OD Goals: normalize accommodative facility (exceed 6 cycles/minute), normalize occulomotor function (achieve normal King-Devick, free eye movements from head movements).
    2. Patient Goals:
      1. Lean to read better so that I can learn more & learn faster.
      2. Make better grades in school.
  • Finish my homework sooner and have more time to play.
  1. Stop having headaches or blurred vision after doing reading or close work.
  2. Would like to track better with eyes only.
  3. Maximize potential.
  1. Prognosis: excellent
  2. Treatment:
  3. Lens Rx: no lenses prescribed
  4. VT prescribed: VT2 curriculum prescribed
  5. Outcome of Case
  6. Results
  7. King-Devick: within normal range
  8. Ocular Motility: excellent motility; eyes move freely from head

iii. Accommodative facility: 17 cycles/minute

  1. COVD Lifestyle Checklist: COVD Lifestyle checklist: 1
  2. Goals:
    1. OD goals met? Yes
    2. Patient goals met?
    3. Follow-Up Care:
  • 1MO follow up: stable
  • 3MO follow up: stable
  • 6MO follow up: stable
  • Annual follow ups with OD
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We are currently offering in-office care by appointment only.



The following is a summary of the steps we have taken to protect your safety.

Physical Distancing Measures:

o Reducing density of people: We have adopted a schedule which will reduce the amount of patients in our facility at one time.

o We will have some of our team working from home operating a call centre and tele-medicine pre-screening.

o Spacing stickers have been placed on our floor.

Engineering controls:

o Forms have been digitized and will be emailed to patients in advance of the appointment to minimize contact.

o A β€œFor Payment" button has been installed on our website, for patients to be able to pay from home to minimize contact.

o Plexiglass barriers have been installed at all 3 Front Desk stations

o Our doors will remain locked during Phase 2, opening the door to let in scheduled patients only.

o A dropbox has been installed for patients to drop off glasses in need of repair.

o Contact lens sales are administered through our webstore.

Administrative controls:

o Cleaning protocols have been written. Staff training on these protocols has been scheduled.

o Clear rules are posted on our front door and throughout all of the stations in our office.

Personal protective equipment:

o Patients will be required to wear a mask upon entry to the office and throughout their time with us. Those who do not have a mask will be supplied a surgical mask upon entry.

Policies around sickness:

o Employees and patients with cold or flu symptoms will be required to stay home.

Frequent hand washing:

o Patients, Doctors, and our Team will be required to wash hands upon entry and exit in to the exam rooms.

o Eyewear Consultants will wear gloves when handling eyewear and performing adjustments.

We currently are operating a reduced schedule, so are triaging patients to ensure those with the highest needs are prioritized.


Dr. Shaun Golemba

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