Dry Eye

It is estimated that around thirty percent of Canadians experience ocular symptoms associated with dry eye. Dry Eye is more prevalent among women, particularly so among aging women. Dry eye can also be a symptom of Digital Vision Syndrome.

We screen for dry eye at every exam and for those that need more dry eye attention, we bring them back for a dry eye workup. For those that want to wear contact lenses, it is essential that they have a healthy tear film.

Your vision is significantly dependent on proper lubrication and nourishment of your eye. Dry eye is caused by a disruption in your tear film. A disruption could be from allergies to hormone changes, reduced tear production, or other eye conditions. Dry eye can develop where it substantially affects the functioning of the eye. This can result in infection, surface damage, and difficulty in doing everyday tasks like reading.Valley Vision Optometry analyzes your eyes during your Beyond Sight Assessment to determine what is happening with your eyes so that we can lay out the framework in your personalized Vision Treatment Plan so that you can live in comfort today… and tomorrow.

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